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About Sefco Egypt
El-Salam Company for Fire Fighting Equipments (SEFCO™)
El Salam Co. for Fire Protection Import & Export was founded in 1965, under the management and control of the Company President, Gen. Fouad M. Soliman, who had been productively leading the importation of products and materials needed in the production of his one-man industry ownership.The efforts exerted by the family through the leadership and concentration of the owner with his staff, boost the exploration in both exportation and importation as well.El Salam Company started as a supplier for fire fighting equipmentsin Egypt and all belonging to protection and security.Till this moment, those reliable clients in the sixties are pioneers to us putting their trust and confidence to the capacity and capability that our company had put our concentration on.The devotion made by the owner and his constant review to maintain his quality of production, made SEFCO a manufacturer and producer that is being looked up by all the clients in the same field.In view of this, the company had been a pioneer supplier of all types offire extinguishers; and all belonging to fire fighting system, security and protection.Since the supply and demand is balance – the agency agreement as sole distributor between SEFCO and some American, German, and other European producers abroad for their products in Egypt is continuously renewed annually.
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